Legit Casino Coming Soon To Mexico

Published October 30, 2002 by OCR Editor

Legit Casino Coming Soon To Mexico

A new Federal Gaming Bill to permit Mexican casino legit functioning is expected to be passed Next December 15th.

Mexico's casino operation scene, at present, boils down to around 450 to 1,000 underground unlicensed casinos. The new law to be implemented will be supported by an overseeing power, thus forming a National Gaming Commission.

The Commission will act as an authoritative power that will oversee the gambling locals that are to be launched. Casino owners to set up shop will be compelled to disclose their financial back up sources.

Under the new bill, gaming venues will not be able to run within 200 meters of churches, schools and hospitals, as well as operate gaming cruise ships anchored in the country's ports. The new development of the casino arena to enter Mexico, is intended to boost up Mexico's social and economic growth, creating employment opportunities, as well as hyping up the country's withering Tourism situation, and is also expected to bring in more foreign exchange.

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