Lithuanian Gambling Authority Fines Top Sport for Improper CCTV Installation

Brett C. - January 8, 2023
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Lithuania's Gambling Supervisory Authority has fined Top Sport €15,000 for improper installation of CCTV at a retail betting facility in Vilnius. The regulator found that image quality was poor and certain parts of the video recording were not saved, constituting a breach of Lithuanian gambling laws.

Top Sport, a retail betting company, has received a €15,000 fine from Lithuania's Gambling Supervisory Authority for improper CCTV installation at a Vilnius facility.

During an inspection, the Authority found that the image quality of the videos was poor, and the employees' actions were not visible.

Additionally, the Authority noted that the way the cameras were installed made it difficult to see how much money was being paid in and out to customers, violating Article 15, Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Lithuanian Law on Gambling.

The Authority also discovered that certain parts of the video recording were not being saved, constituting a further breach of Paragraph 5 of Article 15 of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania.

Top Sport Catches Second Fine for Inadequate CCTV Installation

This is the second time in recent months that Top Sport has been fined for inadequate CCTV installation at a retail betting facility, having received a €15,000 fine in September for the same issue.

In addition to these fines, Top Sport has been penalized multiple times this year, including a €25,000 fine in May for violating Lithuania's ban on gambling promotion and a €15,000 fine in November for allowing a player from outside the country to gamble remotely on its website.

The Lithuanian company was fined for violating the requirements of the Law on Gambling in the country. During an inspection, it was discovered that the videos recorded at the company's betting point and slot machine salon were blurry and did not clearly show employees' actions or handling of money.

Additionally, the video cameras were improperly installed, making it difficult to see the amount of money being exchanged. The company also failed to store some of the video recordings related to the inspection, violating the requirement to keep them until the end of the inspection.

These violations were considered breaches of Article 15, Paragraphs 2 and 3, and paragraph 5 of the Law on Gambling. The decision made by the Supervisory Service can be appealed through the appropriate legal channels.

The company was also issued a warning in November after the Authority determined that its sponsorship of a prediction game for the 2022 Fifa World Cup violated regulations.

Top Sport continues to face regulatory issues in Lithuania, with the Gambling Supervisory Authority issuing multiple fines and a warning for various breaches of gambling laws.

It is important for companies operating in the gambling industry to ensure compliance with regulations to avoid financial penalties and damage to their reputation.

About TopSport

TopSport is the leading betting company in Lithuania, founded in 2002 as the first such company in the country. Over the years, TopSport has grown and evolved to become a top betting company, the most modern and largest leisure space, and the most popular internet betting platform in Lithuania.

With betting shops in 26 towns, 62 betting locations, and 50 TopSport CASINO slot machine salons, the company is well-established and widely recognized in the Lithuanian market.

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