Location Services to Shape Online Gambling

Published August 5, 2013 by OCR Editor

Location Services to Shape Online Gambling

Mobile gambling growth is introducing new players into industry.

As mobile gambling takes over the online gambling industry in increasing numbers, leading providers of location verification services stand to be among the biggest winners.

Big Player: Locaid

Rip Gerber, CEO of Locaid, the world's largest Location-as-a-Service (Laas) company, explained what the industry was about in a recent interview with Forbes.

"It's a location data delivery model where privacy-protected physical location data acquired through multiple sources including carriers, Wi-fi, IP addresses and landlines is hosted in the cloud and made available to enterprise customers through a simple API," Gerber said.

He added that Locaid works with customers to provide a series of value-add, location-based services including proximity marketing and location analytics. This transforms location-data from a set of information into intelligence that can enable customers to make better decisions become more efficient and improve customer engagement and security.

Relevance to Mobile Gambling

As Gerber pointed out, these services are particularly important for the mobile gambling industry, as they provide a location determination that authenticates that a player is where they say. This ensures that operates can keep control of meeting strict regulations in different parts of the world.

With online gambling currently undergoing a big transformation in the United States through recent laws in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, the leading LaaS companies may be about to cash in big.

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