Lottery Agents Win Prizes through Scams, Stolen Tickets

Published February 3, 2015 by Vlad G

Lottery Agents Win Prizes through Scams, Stolen Tickets

Investigations find that lottery agents and clerks have claimed a large percentage of winning tickets, worth millions of dollars.

Retail lottery agents and store owners have been hitting too many jackpots lately and this caused several investigations in different states to find if these are legitimate wins and they just happen to be lucky or if there are scams involved.

According to the findings presented by the Asbury Park Press newspaper in December last year that took a look at the twenty most frequent winners from lotteries since 2009, half of them were actually licensed retailers or people related to lottery agents from different stores. The general auditor in the state of Michigan found that 37 lottery store owners cashed in winning tickets for a total of almost $3.6 million in two years.

Retailers Turning In Winning Tickets

The most common situation found in these lottery wins by store retailers sees them cash in winning tickets for other people who want to avoid paying back taxes, other debts or are in the country illegally. The retailers would take a fee from the total amount and claim the prizes on their name, before giving it to the actual winners.

Another scam used in retail stores takes advantage of unsuspecting customers when they return to the venue to see if their ticket is a winning one. The clerks scan the ticket and say that it has won less than the actual prize and then they pay that amount out of their own pocket, before cashing in the full value of the ticket themselves.

Switching Over to Online Tickets

A growing trend that offers a way to avoid scams in retail stores is buying lottery tickets online. This option is more convenient for players as they can simply take part in the major lotteries and make sure that everything is straightforward.

There are also several ways to make sure you don’t fall victim to lottery scams. One of them is to always be cautious about offering information about credit cards and bank accounts to unknown parties and never agree to pay advanced fees to shady operators.

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