Lottery Draws: From TV to Online

Published October 10, 2015 by Elana K

Lottery Draws: From TV to Online

Illinois is trendsetting with its latest lottery move: Lottery results will now be announced online, as opposed to on television.

The Illinois Lottery recently announced a big change to the way its lotteries will be run; as opposed to drawings being aired live on Illinois television station WGN-TV, results will now be posted online on the Illinois Lottery website. This includes lotteries Pick 3, Pick 4, Lotto with Extra Shot and Lucky Day.

The winning numbers will be chosen via a digital draw system that uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). These are the same systems used by Illinois Lottery “quick picks,” which are sold at retail stores.

B.R. Lane, acting director of the Illinois Lottery, commented, “The new digital draw system will allow us to open an exciting new chapter in Illinois Lottery history, on behalf of our players.”

The digital system was programmed and is maintained by Smartplay International, a world leader in lottery drawing products. The system itself is located in a secure room in Springfield with 24-hour surveillance and a number of layers of security. It is also not connected to the internet, making it unhackable.

Will Other States Follow Illinois' Example?

Illinois is breaking new ground with its new method of announcing lottery winners, but other states might be inclined to follow suit if the system works for Illinois. The system is not only the digital draw system - that is guaranteed to work - but rather, whether lottery players respond well to seeing the winning numbers online instead of on television.

Internet is Becoming Popular Source for Lottery Tickets

More and more players are turning to the internet to purchase online lottery tickets; the convenience and ease of buying lottery tickets online cannot be beaten by local retail stores. The Lotter, Play USA Lotteries and Play Huge Lotteries are three of the most popular websites for online lottery ticket purchase; players from all over the world take part in lotteries on a weekly basis using these sites.  

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