Lucky Numbers

Published May 17, 2005 by OCR Editor

Lucky Numbers

Do you believe in luck? This story might change your mind. Read how 110 players won an online lottery with numbers they found inside a fortune cookie.

The odds of this happening are incredibly slim. It was certainly a major stroke of luck for the lottery players. This is not the first time that someone has come up ahead of the game.

Let's say you open up a fortune cookie and find a number inside. Would you consider it lucky? If so then you may have done as well as one of the 110 online casino winners that used the number they found printed inside a fortune cookie to make a bet. Not only are the odds incredibly slim that 110 people would all use the same number, but the fact that it was the winning number is even more amazing and coincidental. When playing at the online casinos people rely on all sorts of luck and charms.

In the end, these online casino players won prizes ranging from $100,000 to $250 000.

Out of the 10.4 million ticket buyers for this particular lottery, statistics say that there should really have only been 3 or 4 winners. But by some stroke of luck, if you believe in luck, 110 lucky players took home the pot. If that isn't an example of luck at the online casino, I don't know what is.

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