Malta Defines Official Policy for Increased Protections Against Vulnerability in the Time of Corona

Lee R. - March 31, 2020

The lines for acceptable advertising have been legally defined by the pioneering Malta Gaming Authority.


Malta Gaming Authority has rejoined calls for increased protection of players in the Corona era with a specific official directive.

The New Line

Advertising or marketing deemed “irresponsible communication during the pandemic” will be viewed and treated as a breach of regulation.

Temper The Message

Licensees in the pioneering Malta gaming jurisdiction have been warned by the Malta Gaming Authority that in light of the stress the pandemic is likely to cause players, the gaming industry must deliver “socially responsible commercial communications with respect to COVID-19,” calling this “very trying time for all” specifically “distressing to players" as well.

Any direct or indirect reference to COVID-19 or any related circumstance will be liable for penalty as a breach of the new protections.

Affiliates Also Called Upon

The MGA is requesting licensees inform their affiliates accordingly to ensure all strategies and marketing campaigns conform to an ethical and socially responsible procedure, which avoids even allusion to the global crisis, or encourages solitary gaming over social gaming.

UK Agrees

These sentiments in Malta were backed up earlier in the week by UK Gambling Commission CEO Neil MacArthur's similar warning to the Great Britain market.

MacArthur went so far as to reveal that he had consulted with industry representatives on how the current crisis has impacted their operations.

Violating Messages

Back in Malta, the MGA is watching watching for any marketing pitch encouraging antisocial behavior or suggesting that solitary gaming is preferable to social gaming. Further breaches include suggestions that gaming can solve problems financial or otherwise, that gaming is an alternative of any kind to employment, or that it is “socially attractive” in any way.


While the measures were designed to battle against vulnerability exacerbated by Corona disruptions, these rules further seem to promulgate increasingly ethical behavior and procedures in operator advertising which would likely last beyond the end of this indeterminate corona season.

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