Manchester to Host Casino Complex

Published January 30, 2007 by OCR Editor

Manchester to Host Casino Complex

The City of Manchester, England was selected today by the government elected Casino Advisory Panel to be host the country's first super-casino, a complex that will host a grand, Las Vegas style venue, starting with restaurants, bars, nightclubs and a hote

In Manchester meanwhile the excitement was more apparent, as the newly won bid will generate investment and jobs for the residents. A casino, hotel and all the facilities around them are expected to be directly and indirectly responsible for 2,700 new jobs.

The casino, which is to be the center of the hotel and entertainment center, will stretch over some 5,000 sq. meters and hold up to 1,250 jackpots gaming machines. Gamblers will finally have an option of going to Manchester and playing games, optionally staying overnight at the hotel and celebrating at the entertainment venues on spot. The surprise with which the decision was received is mainly due to the favorites the city beat on the way, including Blackpool, Greenwich, Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff and Sheffield. Manchester has been referred to as the 10th worst place to live in England for the past year, ever since a Channel 4 program rated it at the unfavorable spot. It will now become not only a place to live in and work at, but also for tourists to visit and stay overnight at.

The decision to allow, license and construct a gambling venue of this magnitude and a hotel to go along with it in a fashion familiar with Las Vegas, not England, is part of the governments policy of relaxing curbs on gambling. Prime Minister Tony Blair's government has chosen this route in an effort to spur employment, tourism and investment in Manchester, as well as in other parts of the land.

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