Massachusetts Set to Move Ahead Slowly with Online Gaming Regulations

Published June 2, 2014 by OCR Editor

Massachusetts is on track for passing legislation for online gaming, though the process might take longer than some would like.

One of the biggest proponents of regulating online gambling in Massachusetts is State Treasurer candidate Steve Grossman, who is urging cautious advancement in the state's plans for iGaming legislation. "We'll simply study and be very careful with any approach to online gaming that doesn't protect the people of this commonwealth appropriately," stated Grossman.

Chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Stephen Crosby, echoed Grossman's sentiments, saying, "The commission believes that a slow and deliberate approach to this issue is the most responsible way to move forward given the significant varying opinions on this matter."

Practically, what does this mean for the future of online gambling in Massachusetts? Nothing much. While indeed Grossman and Crosby have announced their support vocally, there is no immediate plan of action.

Grossman's Moderation

Grossman's proposed legislation for online gaming in Massachusetts is decidedly moderate. His stated intentions are to limit all online gaming transactions to land-based retailers, and to continue Massachusetts' ban on using credit cards on gambling sites.

Speculators have yet to conclude whether Grossman's moderate approach is because he truly believes in moving ahead cautiously, or whether he is starting slowly in order to build a coalition but eventually hopes to enact more progressive regulations.

One of the factors that enables his moderation is his opponent for State Treasurer, Martha Coakley, who is staunchly against online gambling. Because she has stated her opposition so strongly, Grossman may not feel the need to come out totally pro-iGaming. By treading cautiously, Grossman can garner the support of those who support online gaming, but also not alienate those who are on the fence by proposing extreme regulations.

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