Mexico Casinos to Boost Tourism?

Published October 10, 2002 by OCR Editor

Mexico Casinos to Boost Tourism?

Recently Mexico's Congress has been arguing over a divisive law that would permit a whole new tourist complex of casinos to be introduced.

The casinos would be built in Mexico's Tourist hot spots and border cities, such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and Tijuana. Even though most kinds of gambling are illegal in Mexico, approximately $500 million is spent yearly on certain gambling activities. Sports betting, cockfights, horseracing and some casino gambling function can be found in a legal designated seedy location.

Gary Thompson, a representative for Harrah's Entertainment said that they would mull over teaming up with Mexican backers on introducing a multiple casino resort in Mexico. However, no definite campaign to start building has been decided.

Mr. Thompson commented on the new idea, saying," In the past, there have been periodic talks by the Mexican government about legalizing casinos but they have never proceeded. "We are taking a wait-and-see attitude." President Vicente Fox, Mexico's main political parties, the hotel and tourism Industry and chief labor unions are all in support of the new bill, legalizing Casinos, Sweepstakes and Gambling games, as opposed to the previous law.

Though, those who are against the bill, fear that gambling activity would cause gambling addictions, draw in drug gangs and would fuel money laundering activity. On the other hand, a number of business executives believe that the law would benefit and boost today's wilting Mexican tourism trade.

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