MGA Games Expands Its Game Collection with Legendary Roma Plus Slot

Published January 31, 2023 by Florin P

MGA Games Expands Its Game Collection with Legendary Roma Plus Slot

MGA Games fans celebrate the arrival of Roma Plus, the renewed legendary slot game, a renewed version of the 3-reel classic.

MGA Games has returned to the spotlight with a game that captures the very essence of classic slots inspired by ancient Rome. A popular theme among game developers, it was perfected by MGA, and the new release pays tribute to one of their finest classics. Roma Plus is a premium product that immerses players in the game atmosphere while spicing things up with a high RTP and for fascinating mini-games.

Enjoy Roma Plus on Mobile Devices

Roma was just the second game released by MGA Games, a 3-reel classic that two players on a virtual trip to the ancient city. It quickly won the hearts and minds of players, and several years after its release, punters are anxious to discover the renewed version. The software developer uses the latest technology to bring the excitement of a classic to the fingertips of mobile gamers. The experience is enhanced by the updated graphics and the addition of four mini-games complementing the gameplay.

The visual overhaul is self-evident, but there is more than meets the eye behind the beautiful visuals of Roma Plus. Players can quickly download the game and enter the virtual Roman arena, where magnificent prizes await. Those bold enough to battle the gladiators and lucky enough to emerge victorious will be lavishly rewarded. Veterans and high-rollers will enjoy the fact that the maximum bet was increased from €1 to €15, so they have a better chance to claim epic prizes.

A Special Treat for Spanish Players

Roma Plus is available in English and Spanish, so both local and international players can enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience. MGA Games focuses on the Spanish market, so it was only natural for the game to be available here first, starting on Monday, January 23. Players spinning their wheels can win a maximum of €15,000 per spin if they bet the maximum amount. At the opposite end of the spectrum, casual players can wager as little as €0.20, so anyone can have a lot of fun with Roma Plus. 

The symbols populating the reels depict gladiators, weapons, and shields, while the action takes place in the amazing Colosseum. Roma Plus has a lower game with a gigantic papyrus manuscript featuring moving symbols, wilds, and bonuses. Meanwhile, the upper game is accessed by earning credits and bonuses, and three of the four mini-games are located in this area. The gaming experience is greatly enhanced, as players spin a sword roulette and participate in a chariot race.

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