MGA Games Launches Cañita Brava for The Spanish Celebrities Catalogue

Published March 28, 2023 by Christian Holmes

MGA Games Launches Cañita Brava for The Spanish Celebrities Catalogue

On March 27th, MGA Games launched Cañita Brava for the Spanish Celebrities Catalogue. New features and payouts were introduced into this 3-Reel, 9-Payline video slot. Pl This includes several bonus rounds with a fishing mini-game that features Manuel González Savín. Find out everything you need to know about Cañita Brava by reading our preview of this formidable game.

The Spanish Celebrities Catalogue has expanded with another 3-Reel Slot from MGA Games. This version is named after the famous musician and comedian Cañita Brava, formally Manuel González Savín. This man became a celebrity throughout the 1990s for his comedic humor, entertaining music, and enjoyable movies.

Cañita Brava from MGA Games poses the question of fishing alongside Manuel González Savín. Players will experience surprise payouts as the famous comedian and musician provide his sense of humor throughout the game. You can’t help but enjoy yourself as Cañita Brava sings hysterical songs from a made-up language. The musical performances displayed by Manuel in Cañita Brava are something every fan should experience.

Cañita Brava Screenshot

What You Need to Know About Cañita Brava

MGA Games is launching Cañita Brava with 3-Reels and 9-Paylines on March 27th, 2023. Several bonus rounds will be available for players to experience, meaning payouts can be substantial. Under normal circumstances, nine payouts are supported in Cañita Brava. They range between €0.40 to €15,000. The amount triggered depends on how much players wager per spin. Bets can vary anywhere between €0.20 to €15.

Several bonus rounds are developed into Cañita Brava, those include:

  • Upper Game: Players risk their payouts to double up on prizes during the next spin. Anyone who doesn’t want to participate can collect their payouts instead of betting a loss.
  • Primary Game: Similar to the Upper Game, Players can stake payouts to trigger higher prizes. You could double up on risky payouts or triple their value. Anything is possible in the main game.
  • Boats Mini-Game: Five boats are shown to players in this mini-game. Choose from these boats to trigger an unexpected prize.
  • Extra Roll Mini-Game: This bonus round is straightforward, as players receive an additional roll without placing a secondary wager.
  • Roulette Mini-Game: Experience a simplified version of roulette by triggering x3 wheel symbols in the Cañita Brava main game. Spin the wheel to trigger the best prize possible.
  • Bonfire Mini-Game: Players must have three bonfire symbols in the Upper Game to trigger the Bonfire Mini-Game. Puffs of smoke will appear from the bonfire, triggering payouts for players.
  • Fishing Mini-Game: Finally, it’s time to catch some fish with Manuel González Savín. Players must have three fish symbols appear in the Upper Game to activate this bonus round. If you catch a fish, payouts are rewards.

Play Cañita Brava Today!

Cañita Brava is available in Spanish and English. Play today to trigger Wilds, Vertical Lines, Holds, and Advances. You can expect superior experiences from MGA Games, as they have become global operators in Latin America and Europe. They have two decades of experience within the iGaming industry and have become famous throughout Spain thanks to the Spanish Celebrities Catalogue. Try them out today at our MGA Casinos!

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