MGA Games Says Hola to Celebrity Juan Munoz!

Published December 21, 2022 by Brett C

MGA Games Says Hola to Celebrity Juan Munoz!

MGA Games is a global leader in designing, developing, and distributing localised slot machine games for operators. Always ready to deliver exciting new content, MGA Games just announced its latest classic slot game featuring three spinning reels of Spanish celebrities. The name of the game is Juan Munoz.

It's party time at MGA Games, with plenty of revelry taking place in the latest slots extravaganza. Players are moving and grooving to the rhythm and beats of Juan Munoz slots. Online casinos love the Spanish celebrities' formula, with players taking to these games like ducks to water. Business is booming with Spanish Celebrities, and Juan Munoz is the latest star to hit the scene.

The 2022 series of slots games include a welcome mix of attractions, notably Hawaii Five-0, Eugenio, RF Angels, RF Burlesque, RF Neopolis, Mario Vasquerizo, Santa Fe Mix, and the flavour of the day, Juan Munoz. This exciting selection of quality slot machine games has ignited a frenzy of fun for players. Few games are quite as enticing as this classic slot with the Spanish Celebrity.

What Does Juan Munoz Think of the Game?

Juan Munoz is delighted with this slot machine game. He tears it up on the comedy circuit as a top-tier Spanish entertainer, bringing raucous laughter to fans everywhere. The original audio, including personalised songs and signature elements, makes the game more immersive and engaging. Players go on an exciting journey through music central, where the bulerias fill the air with festive cheer.

Of course, players love the mini-games, each of which is inspired by two decades worth of glittering performances by the comedian ensemble in Spain: Cruz y Raya. This cutting-edge tech slot machine game brings fun and laughter to players' screens, thanks to the humorous antics on stage. It's a laugh-out-loud world that Juan Munoz lives in, and players get to sneak a peek. For slots fans, it's all about glitz, glam, and plenty of winning potential.

Juan Munoz Makes Big Debut on Monday, December 12, 2022

In the new slot game Juan Muñoz from MGA Games, players will explore the colourful world of a traditional Spanish flea market. With three reels and nine lines, players can enjoy various features, including advances and retentions, Wild and vertical lines.

Seven mini-games can be accessed when certain prize lines are achieved. These include selling fruit at the market, playing the guitar alongside Sevillanas dancers and playing games of chance such as slot machines and Trilero.

This game is available in Spanish and English and utilises HTML5 technology with a responsive design, making it compatible with all digital formats. Juan Muñoz was first presented in Ceuta at an exclusive event attended by over 50 representatives from national online casinos and is now available to play on all major online gaming operators' platforms.

This game has a theoretical RTP of 70% – 95%, with three reels, nine lines, and wild symbols.

The Scoop on MGA Games 

MGA Games is a leading gaming sector company renowned for developing large, localised content for global operators. Having originated from the New Technologies Division of the MGA company and boasting 20 years of experience, the company is a major provider of online casinos in Spain. MGA Games has a significant presence in the European and Latin American markets.

In 2018, MGA Games was awarded Best Technology Provider at the Jdigital awards, granted by the Spanish Digital Gaming Association. More recently, in 2022, the company won Best Product and Promotional Initiative for Gaming Activity. The team's success is also attributed to its extensive library of over 100 titles designed to engage and captivate the entire iGaming industry.

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