Miami Beach Casino On It's Way

Published November 27, 2003 by OCR Editor

Miami Beach Casino On It's Way

Citizens will soon have a new place to hang out. John Codona Pleasure Fairs have asked for permission to change the use of a substantial part of the Miami Beach amusement center into a casino. Aberdeen City Council planners are recommending on an approval

A report to the Planning Committee, which meets on Thursday, December 4., says that the area they plan to use is at present used as pool halls, virtual reality zones and simulator games.

It is planned to retain the caf'ar and restaurant uses and the roller coaster ride would remain on top of the two-storey building.

Head of Physical Development Bob Reid reports: "It is recognized that the role of Aberdeen City Centre as North East Scotland's commercial centre should be maintained and enhanced and there is a need to consider the implications of the proposal for this.

"Although the scale of the proposed development is significant, in terms of floorspace, no new floorspace is proposed. The proposal is in effect a change of use of part of the existing leisure facility.

"Whilst there will be a more restricted clientele as a result of licensing requirements, the impact of the proposed use set amongst other leisure uses within the amusement park is not considered to be so significant as to justify refusal in this case.

"Whilst the proposed use could be appropriately provided within the city centre, it is acknowledged that amusement centres and related facilities have an historical association with a seaside location. Accordingly it is not considered that this particular proposal conflicts with government guidance."

It should be noted that before a casino could be opened permission is also needed from the Licensing Board.

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