MLB Live In-Play: Yankees vs Rangers

Published July 27, 2015 by Sol FH

MLB Live In-Play: Yankees vs Rangers

MLB spotlight: opening game in a four-game series between the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers live tonight at 1:05 UK time.

The MLB regular season is just a month and a half before the playoffs and teams are trying everything in their books to squeeze out any and every win possible. We have seen a ton of amazing professional baseball over the last 97+ games and just the other day we saw an incredible no hitter by Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels, and the Phillies' catcher Carlos Ruiz tied the record for catching no hitters at four.

But getting back to tonight's big game in the American League between the Eastern Division leading New York Yankees and the third place team in the West the Texas Rangers. The Yankees are back to looking good and if the regular season ended today they would be in the first round against the California Angels, while the Rangers would be in search of a Wildcard spot.

Tonight's game is the first in a four game series, which the Rangers will have the home field advantage for four straight games. This is a big advantage at this point in the season and the New York Yankees need every win they can get with the red hot Toronto Blue Jays on their heels.

The Rangers are having a rather average season and have sat just around the .500 mark for a few weeks now. They are playing great baseball now and have found their swing, winning crucial games to stay in the chase in the Western Division.

MLB Pre-Game Odds

The MLB has full coverage from bet365 Sports, the UK sportsbook is offering live in-play gambling opportunities throughout the nine innings of virtually every game this season including tonight's big matchup. The Yankees are the visiting team but they are still the favorites to win in Texas with bet365 listing them for outright winner at 1.76, while the Rangers are not far behind at 2.10. There are many additional markets to choose from and even more ways to win if you use one of the famed sportsbook's special offers on American Sports like the current Parlay Bonus available. 


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