Monaco Travels to Rennes in Search of Vital Points

Published April 24, 2016 by Florin P

Monaco Travels to Rennes in Search of Vital Points

Pressure on Rennes, as home side can’t settle for a draw (8:00 p.m UK Time).

Monaco had a significant advantage over the pack, but back-to-back defeats to Lille and Bordeaux erased it all. They’ve returned to their winning ways with a victory over Marseille, but they need to double down on that triumph and defeat Rennes. This time, they won’t have home pitch advantage and will play against the team that has nothing to lose and everything to win.

All Hands on Deck for Monaco

The visitors still have four players missing, but none of them serve offensive roles and the most effective strikers are fit to play. This means a great deal for a team that travels to Rennes trying to seize all three points, but they won’t rule out a draw altogether. Lyon and Nice are credited with the first chance in their games, but none are overwhelming favorites, so Monaco has a tiny cushion to dwell on.

Even if the two teams manage to pick up all three points, Monaco will still fit in the second place, assuming they managed to avoid defeat on the road. The fact that they’ve allowed more goals than any other team currently sitting on a place eligible for European competition is worrisome, to say the least.

Nothing to Lose for Rennes

The home side sits in the seventh place, just five points behind Lyon and a potential Champions League berth. Europa League is a more attainable objective and both of them are worth fighting for, so Rennes will put all precautions aside and come out swinging.

When motivated and with nothing to lose, the hosts can be an extremely dangerous team, but their week defensive frequently betrays them. bet365 Sports makes a tempting proposition to those who hesitate to pick winners and offers odds of 9/10 on Monaco, with the cover of a 0:0 Asian handicap. If the game ends undecided, the stakes are returned, therefore the risks are reduced.

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