More Payment Processors Moving Towards Rapid Solutions

Published April 20, 2018 by Zvon P

More Payment Processors Moving Towards Rapid Solutions

A growing number of online payment processors now allows users to make deposits to their online gambling accounts straight out of their bank accounts, with Skrill Rapid being the latest in a series of payment processors to offer this service.

Ever since the early days of online gambling, players have been looking for ways to make safe and fast payments into their online accounts. E-wallets were the first step in that process as they enabled players to make deposits without sharing their credit card details with the casinos.

However, making payments via e-wallets can come at a cost in both time and money as some processors charge fees for such services and it takes quite a bit of time to properly connect your cards, make your deposits into the e-wallet etc.

More recently, a number of online payment processors have been allowing players to make deposits straight from their banking institutions, by simply entering their e-banking details to move the money around. Of course, only a limited number of banks has entered such partnerships with the online payment processors, but the list is quickly expanding.

Skrill Rapid

Skrill has been one of the leading names in the online payments arena for a long time, especially when it comes to online gaming. The company has a service dubbed Skrill Rapid, which allows users to deposit their money into online accounts straight out of their bank accounts without sharing any details with the operator in question. It's a popular choice among players at Skrill online casinos.

Skrill Rapid ensures the safety of user data while also allowing instant deposits without unnecessary charges. Over 170 European banks have already entered a partnership with Skrill to use the Skrill Rapid service, while over 200 Million users now have access to this service without even having to register. The new service is likely the next step in the world of quick and safe online payments, with more banks likely to join in the future.

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