More States Line Up to Legalize Online Gambling

Published July 7, 2014 by Elana K

More States Line Up to Legalize Online Gambling

Five highly-populated states are on the precipice of passing bills that would introduce online gambling, changing the scope of the American market significantly.

With Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey trailblazing the path of state-regulated online gaming, a number of other states are eager to follow their lead. As of now, Illinois, New York, California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are poised to introduce online gaming bills, which could change the entire landscape of this highly-charged issue.

Why Online Gaming?

The desire of many states to introduce online gaming within their borders is based on a common factor: budget deficits. Online gambling has the potential to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money alone for any state bold enough to allow it, which makes it quite an appealing choice for local governments. According to a report commissioned by Pennsylvania, introducing online gaming could bring in approximately $184 million to the state in the first year alone. After that, the annual revenue is estimated to exceed $300 million annually.

Should Pennsylvania, Illinois and California introduce bills legislating online gambling, the entire scope of the national situation will shift. As of now, New Jersey is the most highly populated state to have legalized online gambling, with 8 million residents. Illinois and Pennsylvania have a total of 25 million residents, and California has a whopping 40 million residents. If these highly-populated states do, in fact, pass bills legalizing online gaming, the United States online gambling market will become a serious business force to be reckoned with, not just internally but by Europe as well.

Opposition to Online Gambling in the US

Sheldon Adelson has been the most outspoken opponent of online gaming in the US, mostly on a federal level. His fairly-recent creation, the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, is backed by his own millions (made ironically through land-based casinos), and has made considerable headway in its mission. However, should more states legalize online gambling, he will certainly experience a significant setback in his goals.

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