More Women Visit Casinos

Published June 16, 2004 by OCR Editor

More Women Visit Casinos

According to recent gambling trend studies, more and more women are being drawn to online casino gambling. One game that seems to attract particular attention among women is poker. In an industry that has been traditionally male dominated, things are ch

Historically, gambling has always appealed predominantly to men. When one thinks of a game like poker it tends to conjure up images of men sitting around a table, late at night smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and being rowdy. With the onset of land based casino gambling some games were even designed for different sexes. The slot machines, for example, have always had a large following among women. While the men were off playing traditional card games the women would be playing the one arm bandits.

But with online gambling these trends are starting to change. Because of the nature of the industry, there is a lot of competition between virtual casinos on the internet. Therefore, the must market themselves like any other product for purchase online. Some casinos have started advertising on the web to the female segment of the market. And the success is starting to show.

Many young professional women shop extensively online due to a lack of time in their busy lives. It's only natural then they effective advertising would penetrate that segment of the market. One game that has brought in a lot of interest among women is poker. Statistic show that at some online poker sites as many as 1 in 6 players are women, and that figure is on the rise.

The target market seems to be young, professional women in their mid to late 20's that are already very internet savvy. There are several factors that explain why they are being drawn to poker including:

-High media exposure such as televised high stakes matches that often feature well known celebrities.

-Women entering the professional industry and earning high ranks thus becoming inspirational role models.

-Online casinos are designed to help the beginner by offering lots of online guide resources as well as helpful tips and strategies. Most games can be played for free in order to give the player a chance to get familiar with the game. You can also play all the best games for fairly low stakes which is also useful to beginners.

-The appeal of the online casinos as a safe and comfortable gambling environment.

Selling the image of poker as a glamorous, classy game has a lot of appeal to women. Poker is definitely a game that falls into that category and predictions are that there'll be a shift from traditionally women dominated games such as slot to games like poker. Another key factor that draws women to poker is their ability to succeed at the game. In general, women are more perceptive and less aggressive than men. Characteristics like these are crucial in a game like poker.

If today's trend continues to grow, the future may bring a lot of new women players to the online casino market and give it a serious boost.

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