Movies as a Source of Online Casino Tips

Published November 14, 2006 by OCR Editor

Movies as a Source of Online Casino Tips

With the new, 21st movie in the James Bond series out in cinemas everywhere, online casino gamblers have more than one reason to celebrate.

Besides the opportunity to go out and see another Bond flick, the new movie, called "Casino Royale," could be a fine source to learn a trick or two to try out when returning home. Watch closely what 007 does around the table and then try it yourself.

One tip that gamblers can learn from James Bond, for example, is keeping cool. Even when about to lose his watch, his yacht, possibly his car and maybe even the Bond girl, 007 always keeps his cool. And guess what? He then goes on to win the hand (and beat the bad guy by the end of the movie, too). Although when playing poker online, unlike around a table facing other competitors, keeping cool is elemental. Internet poker, and all other online games, is fun and gamblers should not put their belongings - or their spouses - on the line.

Can you think of other movies that have provided you with any tips for your online gambling? The Bond series alone has featured several related movies from which gamblers could learn quite a number of tips, such as Diamonds are Forever (1971) and the first Casino Royale (1967). Ocean's Eleven (2001), Pulp Fiction (1994) and Bugsy (1991) also offer gambling entertainment, as well as offer tips for those who do the real gambling.

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