MPC vs 888: Contrasting Values

Published September 21, 2008 by OCR Editor

MPC vs 888: Contrasting Values

It's risky business taking chances with your affiliates.

Shady dealings
Only in July did we report on 888 having altered the terms and conditions of their site. The changes drastically affected the relations between the operator of Casino on Net and Pacific Poker and affiliates who partner with it. Especially since none of these changes was ever reported by 888. The lack of information had affiliates and customers spooked. If it can happen between webmasters and 888, it can happen to online gamblers too.

Contrast this with the Millionaire Poker's Club that has offered affiliates up to 100% commission for starters. Clive Archer of MPC has joined Playsafe AS to fulfill his dream of creating a series of next generation poker sites. He added, "We are also satelliting players into competitors' online tournaments and enlisting their stars to teach our players. Playsafe will break any rule that is not in the best interest of our players and if our competitors don't like it tough!"

Skimming off the top
888 want more of the pie and they've certainly got their fingers all over it. Their online gambling revenues previously provided up to 40% revenue share to webmasters. That's now down to a mere 10% if the "one new client a month requirement is not met." Frustrations are rife - J Todd of the APCW reflected that the change "borders on theft." The MPC on the other hand wants their affiliates to benefit from online gambling and they are they are creating a storm in the online gambling teacup.

888 silent while MPC gloats
888 stated that the alterations are not going to be retroactive - hardly solace for wounded team players. Suspicions regarding the sincerity and credibility of 888 abound. On the other hand MPC is making enemies from within who fear they will lose their vice-like grip on the online gambling market with dwindling profits.

The verdict
Transparency and accountability are required. 888 will have learned a hard lesson and MPC will have to fight the urge not to dip into the coffers of their affiliates, if and when the time arises.

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