Multi-Player Slots Tournaments at All Jackpots Casino

Published May 11, 2014 by OCR Editor

Online casino tournaments are a way for players to pit their skills against others, paying an entry fee to compete for real money prizes. At All Jackpots Casino, slots tournaments are offered on a regular basis and up to $5,000 can be won by the top playe

All Jackpots Casino features lots of Multi-Player slots tournaments, where competitors aim to beat each others scores to win prizes. Playing slots is often seen as a solitary pastime, but by competing in a tournament, each person can see a Leaderboard detailing how the others are doing, and how close they are to winning the prizes on offer, making this a more social way to enjoy these games.

What Are Multi-Player Slots Tournaments

Unlike normal play, when entering a multi-player slots tournament, instead of selecting a bet size per spin and winning or losing depending on the outcome of those spins, players only pay an entry fee. The amount can vary depending on how many players are expected, and what the prize pool is, but generally, the more people buying into a tournament, the bigger the rewards for the winners.

Players are given a set amount of virtual currency and play the slots using this, over a fixed period of time. At the end of this time, the players who have won the most virtual money win the tournament and prizes are paid out accordingly. So while the only real funds at risk is the buy-in amount, the prizes are very real, and All Jackpots regularly runs multi-player slots tournaments where the first placed player wins $5,000, with runner up prizes for up to 100 other competitors. Some tournament prizes are in the form of bonuses, or even vacations.

Feeder tournaments, where the winners are given automatic entry to bigger tournaments are also found at All Jackpots Casino, and these usually have smaller buy-ins, while the prizes will be in the form of gifts or bonuses.

Many tournaments allow re-buys, where players can enter again and again, although only their highest score will be featured on the Leaderboards,

Check the Details

All tournaments have detailed information about buy-ins, prizes, running times and qualifying slots available for review before players sign up to compete, but whatever the terms and conditions are, All Jackpots Casino multi-player slots tournaments can provide a great return on a relatively small investment.

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