NBA Conference Finals Preview: Betting Odds and Predictions

Sol FH. - May 14, 2018

The NBA Conference Finals have begun and the Celtics, Cavaliers, Rockets, and Warriors look to the Finals.

The 2018 NBA Conference Finals began last night with the opening game between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Celtics came out of Game 1 with a big win and looked like they could stop LeBron and co. in their tracks. The other series between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors tips-off tonight at 2:00 GMT and it will also be an incredible series between arguably the best two teams in the playoffs this year.

Celtics vs. Cavs

As mentioned, the Celtics were able to shut down the Cavs in Game 1, winning 108-83 in style. Boston held LeBron to just 15-points and was incredibly strong throughout the first, second, and fourth quarters. The Cavs tried to mount a comeback in the third quarter, but they were met with a scoring-frenzy by Morris, Harford, and Brown. The Celtics were playing some of the best basketball of the year and held the Cavs to one of their worst performances of their entire playoffs history. The Cavs just couldn’t get things going, which was pretty much how their whole regular series battle with the Celtics went too.

The Celtics are in a high position to make it past the Cavs, which would bring them to their first Finals’ in quite some time. The odds ahead of Game 2 are as even as could be and a win for either team will not net a ton of profits for punters. Outright game odds are in favor of the Celtics, as Boston again has the home-court advantage with famed online sportsbook, Betfair Sports posting at 1.90, and, 1.95 for the Cavs. The odds that could make a lot of money are the live in-play markets that Betfair Sports will unleash throughout the game. Everything from Score Props, Players Props, Team Props, and more.

Rockets vs. Warriors

Tonight at 2:00 GMT, the Warriors will start its series against the Rockets with Houston having the home-court advantage. The Rockets are among one of the favorites to win the entire competition, but that Warriors are back on their game. James Harden will be looking for another huge night which is exactly what he has been doing at virtually all games this season. He has gotten much better in the playoffs which should make the Warriors nervous. Golden State took out the Pelicans in the last round in 5-games, and hope that their experience, talent, and superstars will make short work of Houston and get back for yet another Finals’ appearances.

To contrast, the odds, 888 Sport has the Rockets as outright favorites in Game 1, at 1.84. That means that punters do have a chance to make a bet with the Warriors for some underdog odds at 2.02. Again, live in-play markets will probably work out to be the most profitable in the long run.


These are both tough series to call, but such is the playoffs. In Game 1 of the Rockets vs. Warriors, it seems like it will be a great game, but the Warriors would be a great chance. In Game 2 between the Celtics vs. Cavaliers, expect the Celtics to continue their dominance until the series goes back to Cleveland.  

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