NBA Conference Semifinals: Odds and Prediction

Published April 29, 2019 by Sol FH

NBA Conference Semifinals: Odds and Prediction

Warriors are set on defending their Championship, but all teams looking outstanding this year. Catch the next two Conference Semifinals tonight at 01:00 and 03:30 GMT.

The NBA Conference Semifinals are in full swing, and we've got the best eight teams of the NBA this year going for it with full force. It has been an incredible playoff so far, but, the Warriors stand out as the team to beat, again, this year. They dropped a couple of game in the first playoff round against the Clippers, but, the Warriors, led by dominating performances of Kevin Durant look like they are yet again on a different level. 

Where's Lebron?

For those looking for Lebron James this year, you'll probably need to check out the golf course or a private island with a white sand beach, because the Lakers were out of the postseason well before it got started. Here is a statistic for you...the last time that King James was not in the playoffs was 2005! That was the year that the Seattle Supersonics made the playoffs before moving to Oklahoma! Reggie Miller played his last game that year too. Maroon 5 was a new band, and the NHL was in a Lockout! A really long time ago... Maybe next year Lebron.

Raptors vs. 76ers

Tonight at 1:00 GMT, check out on what should be another thrilling game between the two most dangerous teams from the Eastern Conference. The Raptors got the best of the 76ers in Game 1, led by a strong team effort, and, 45-points from their star forward - Kawhi Leonard. Game 2 tonight could give the Raptors a 2-0 lead before heading over to Philadephia for Games 3 and 4. Toronto is the favorites to win tonight as bet365 Sports has listed them at 1.37 to win, while the 76ers are at 3.20. 

Nuggets vs. Trail Blazers

The first game of the series between Denver and Portland tips off tonight at 3:30 GMT, and this will also be an exciting battle. During the Regular Season, Portland had two unbeatable teams. The first, Oklahoma City, was their opponent in the last series. Portland won 4-1. The second, the Denver Nuggets, is still favored to win, but, the odds at bet365 Sports are tight. Denver, playing at home is up at 1.57, but, Portland is close by at 2.55. 

Bucks vs. Celtics

On Wednesday Night at 1:00 GMT, the Bucks home to get back on track and beat Boston in Game 2. The Celtics were dominant in Game 1, leaving Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks without much to do. Boston was strong, playing the best basketball of the year, and left Giannis, who is usually an unstoppable force, with just 22-points. The Bucks are at home again in Game 2, and bet365 Sports likes their chances at 1.31, while Boston is at 3.60. The underdog bet could be a wise move with this game. 

Warriors vs. Rockets

As mentioned, the Warriors are set on defending their reign over the NBA. The Rockets fell victim to the Warriors in Game 1, but, it could've gone to Houston if the Officials would've made some crucial foul calls down the stretch. James Harden was visually upset about the officiating, but, the Rockets could've played better ball. bet365 Sports likes the Warriors in Game 2 at 1.41, while the Rockets are at 3.00.

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