NCAA March Madness Brackets Dangerous for Recovered Gambling Addicts

Published April 3, 2014 by OCR Editor

NCAA March Madness Brackets Dangerous for Recovered Gambling Addicts

Experts warn of March Madness hazards which could be critical for those with gambling addiction history.

For gamblers in the USA, the month of March is considered a sort of superbowl for sports betting, and it is thus accordingly called "March Madness". The NCAA men's basketball tournament draws gamblers from coast to coast yearly. One of the most popular betting attractions is brackets, which have gamblers bet on how the whole tournament will play out

In the state of Nevada alone, some $324 million in betting money was wagered on basketball in March 2013. But it's not just Nevada that's into the fray, as the betting spree makes a name for itself in the Midlands as well. Nebraska's Omaha is a case example. Therapists and gambling problem consultants report of a growth in patients asking for help, many post-gambling addicts among them.

Warning Signs

Tiffani Pinkerton, a gambling addiction prevention specialist with the Heartland Family Service non-profit social work agency, lists a few signs which could indicate the presence of a gambling addiction. These include lying about time, skipping activities, dropping old friends, failing relationships, declining job performance and the likes. While these symptoms can be attributed to many addictions, they are very common with gambling addicts and should be given attention especially with those with a history of gambling addiction.

Combating Compulsive Gambling

Gambling program coordinator at Heartland, Harlan Vogel, has laid out some strategies to combat and prevent compulsive gambling. Vogel advises that gamblers place thought-out wagers, not made out of emotion. Those wagering on bracket should discuss their picks and not hide them. If one feels he's getting over his head, he should get out altogether. Following this advice could prevent relapse and also serve as a good testimony for one's self discipline. 

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