NetEnt Goes Live With New Perfect Blackjack Tables

Published October 6, 2019 by Ivan P

NetEnt Goes Live With New Perfect Blackjack Tables

NetEnt's Perfect Blackjack tables play out every single hand optimally according to the perfect strategy for the game, which results in a very high Return to Player of 99.5%.

NetEnt has announced the latest addition to their portfolio of live dealer games called Perfect Blackjack. Now available across the entire network of operators offering live products by NetEnt, this is the standard game of blackjack but with an interesting twist.

Play Perfect Strategy Every Hand

Blackjack is one of a very few casino games where players' decisions can make a big difference in terms of house edge. Choosing when to hit, stand, split, or double has a big impact on the final bottom line of the player and the casino alike.

Over the decades, people have come up with solutions for all the different scenarios that can happen in a blackjack hand and these answers are now all grouped under a common title - the perfect blackjack strategy.

Up until now, playing this perfect strategy required either learning it by heart or having a card or a sheet with the advice close by. With NetEnt's new Perfect Blackjack tables this is no longer required as every hand is automatically played in line with the perfect strategy.

Low House Edge & Opportunity to Learn

Because every single hand plays out this way, the house edge on these Perfect Blackjack tables is just 0.5%, i.e. the RTP of the game is 99.5%. Players don't have to worry about their decisions being right or wrong and they can even learn how to play perfect strategy by watching hands play out.

NetEnt has even introduced the auto-play feature, allowing players to automatically get dealt into a new hand. Players can also choose whether to automatically double up or split when the perfect strategy suggests this as the best option.

The company believes this innovative product will generate a lot of interest with the players as this is the first time they can enjoy all the benefits of the optimal strategy with minimal effort and even learn intricacies of the game on the spot.

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