NetEnt Introduces Startburst PowerPots, New Community Jackpot System

Published February 4, 2020 by Ivan P

NetEnt Introduces Startburst PowerPots, New Community Jackpot System

New NetEnt product will feature a network of games with a common progressive jackpot, which, once it hits, will be divided between all players who helped contribute to it.

Always on the quest to create the next big thing in gambling, NetEnt has launched Starburst PowerPots, a brand new community jackpot system that offers fresh and unique gameplay dynamics. With the variety of popular NetEnt titles sharing a progressive jackpot across multiple online casinos, Starburst PowerPots will have many players working together towards the common goal.

Everyone's a Winner

The jackpot will be shared by a range of popular slots on many different casinos. All players trying their luck on any of these games will contribute towards filling the progressive pot until the jackpot payment is finally triggered.

When it eventually happens, all players who contributed to Starburst PowerPots will receive their share of the prize, even if they're not playing at the moment when the jackpot drops. So, the new system rewards players for their efforts put towards reaching the goal and it's not just focused on the luck of the moment.

Answering Operators' and Players' Expectations

According to NetEnt, the idea came about as an answer to the popular demand from their customers (casinos) and players alike. While the PowerPots network is set to include a number of titles, the company decided to use their popular Starburst brand in the name to create more hype.

Operators will have access to a variety of options to configure the network the way they see fit, with multiple RTP configurations, prize setups, contributions, and even an optional Major jackpot. Of course, they'll also have an opportunity to tailor the user interface so it fits the casino brand.

NetEnt believe that this is the kind of product that players want to see without over-engineering and unnecessary complexities. The company believe Starburst PowerPots can find its place in pretty much every operator's portfolio as casinos have full freedom to configure prizes the way they see fit, from smaller, fast-hitting wins to slower but massive jackpots.

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