Nevada Open to Online Poker Partnership with New Jersey

Elana K. - May 28, 2016

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval recently commented that he is interested in pursuing a partnership with New Jersey, in which the two states could share liquidity for online poker across state borders.

The latest news out of Nevada is that the state is interested in expanding its online gambling offerings by creating shared player pools with New Jersey. Governor Brian Sandoval commented at a recent meeting of the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee that he is interested in opening up the doors to a partnership with New Jersey, but there has been some reluctance on New Jersey’s side to get the ball rolling.

Sandoval said, “I would like nothing better than to have an agreement with New Jersey, and it seems like there’s been a reluctance on the behalf of New Jersey to do that.” He continued, “I’ve always said that putting New Jersey and Nevada together is like putting the Yankees and the Dodgers on the same team, and it would really be a great opportunity."

What’s Preventing the Partnership From Happening?

The first issue in creating such a pool of players is undoubtedly a technical one, including where the servers would be located and how the states would split the revenue - but like all partnerships, if the two parties sit down at the table, an agreement could surely be reached.

And yet another issue is that Nevada has a lot on its plate - at the same time that Sandoval is interested in creating a partnership with New Jersey, he is also trying to expand Nevada’s intrastate offerings. As of now, Nevada only offers online poker, as opposed to New Jersey and Delaware, which offer both online poker and online casino games. In fact, most of New Jersey’s and Delaware’s revenue comes from casino games, not poker. So that might be an issue that the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee tackles first, before it moves on to interstate partnerships.

And yet, it's interesting to note that this option is on the table, and its main benefit is its potential to add to the coffers of both states.


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