Nevada Rep. Titus Urges Trump Team Not to Ban Online Gambling

Elana K. - December 20, 2016

Nevada representative Dina Titus has penned a letter to Pence and Trump in support of online gambling; her letter is a direct response to a letter written a few weeks ago by Republican AGs urging a federal ban of online gambling.

After ten Republican attorneys general wrote a letter to Mike Pence urging the Trump team to institute a federal ban on online gambling, Nevada representative Dina Titus has penned her own letter to Pence and Trump, elaborating upon the reasons why a ban should not be enacted.

Titus’ letter was especially lauded by online gambling supporters, since one of the Republicans to sign the first letter was Adam Laxalt, a Nevada Attorney General whose political stance is not appreciated, especially while the state is trying to expand its current online gambling offerings.

Titus’ Letter

Titus challenged some of the claims made in the Republicans’ letter, writing that it “contains several inaccuracies and unfair allegations.”

Here are some of the inaccuracies that she addressed:

  • There is a difference between legal online gambling (which is currently allowed in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware), and illegal online gambling, which takes place in an unregulated market and leaves consumers unprotected.
  • Regulated online casinos actually prevent underage gambling, whereas unregulated casinos cannot. 
  • Banning online gambling at a federal level is a clear violation of states’ rights.

Titus’ letter is important as it calls out the claims of those opposed to online gambling and exposes them to facts that they would prefer to ignore. It also shows that while RAWA, or RAW-esque bills, might gain some traction in 2017, there are still those government officials who will fight them, and fight for states’ rights as well.

A Champion of Online Gambling

This is not the first time that Rep. Titus has stood up in support of online gambling. At a RAWA hearing in 2015, she invited the members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to come to Nevada to see that the geolocation and player verification technology really work. (None came.) 

What's in Store?

For now, the opponents and supporters of online gambling will have a brief respite; the battle will resume in 2017. 


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