New Bettor Time App from Kindred and Assissa Consultancy Europe is a Landmark Event in Adapting iGaming

Lee R. - August 18, 2021

Can problem gambling be eradicated through the new app with unique Zafty technology?

An encouraging and innovative safe gambling app has been released to UK players to empower players to manage and prevent their won problem gambling behavior.

The App

The app is called Bettor Time, and released as a joint project to encourage responsible gaming between iGaming powerhouse Kindred Group and Assissa Consultancy Europe as commissioned for development by Zafty behavior intelligence technology.

Kindred's Mission

This latest measure is a part of Kindred's organisational mission to achieve a target goal of zero revenue from problem gambling by 2023.

First Release

Bettor Time will be initially available to Kindred Android customers and help players manage their own behavior through tracking their gambling app usage and alerting them to harmful changes in their behavior, with all player activity and interactions within the app kept anonymous.

Management Features

Other behavior management features include setting features allowing players to set limits on their usage; monitor their usage over time; block access to certain apps and sites and set specific daily timer limits on play—all impacts which self-exclusion mechanisms in the jurisdiction have been providing through some operator sites but not on an independent app dedicated to helping players manage their behavior on their own.

App Mission

Co-Bettor Time owners Assissa and Kindred naturally seek to have more operators across more markets promote the app to customers.

Kindred Rep Speaks

Of this social dimension, Kindred Group Head of Responsible Gaming and Research Maris Catania called the promotion of the Bettor Time App a “given” and then described further the app technology pursuing the zero percent revenue from harmful gambling by 2023 commitment:

“Zafty’s unique machine learning algorithms record teach others about normal behaviour can help users make better-informed decisions about their gambling.”

Organisational Mission

Catania proceeded to rubber-stamp his recommendation to other operators, and promised his organisational commitment to continuing development of more technology and solutions to “support healthy gambling behaviour.”


The Bettor Time app release is a true landmark event in iGaming history. The traditional addiction problems in gambling can reduced online through the efforts of operators to put the power to manage behavior in the payers' hands while offering superior solutions through technology to eliminate problem gambling behavior.

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