New Cooperation with the Mainland Shows a Month of Happy Returns in Macau

Lee R. - November 18, 2020

New signs of life in Macau are minimal but distinct for the new month.

Is Macau on the rebound?

Renewed Hope

While it remains a small step, the foundation for a steady customer-base in the industry-reliant region has clearly taken hold, to the delight and optimism of the many stakeholders in the Macau gaming scene.

New Promising Figures

New figures released Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) are providing guarded optimism in the form of a rise in daily visitations to the former Mecca, the island standing as the sole region in China where gambling is legal. The research reveals that Macau’s daily visitation numbers have climbed to over 20,000, with hotel occupancy reaching around 40%.

MGTO Director Optimistic

With coronavirus restriction just easing in the area, MGTO director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes called the news positive.

Positive Visitor Data

The total of over 22,500 visitors entering the region; and hotel occupancy rates increasing from 16.4% in September to 40% in October, sets a perfect table for the subsequent news that Ms. Fernandes revealed: the lifting of the two-week quarantine of visitors from Qingdao, in China's Shandong province, will no longer need to undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Macau.

Month-on-Month Increase

The numerical increases come on the heels of September visitation figures in Macau show a 98% month-on-month rise, meaning Macau is finally seeing an influx of visitors from the mainland again—thanks primarily to the resumption of the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) visas for residents of mainland China.

New Visa Program

The first such visas actually resumed August 26 for Guangdong province residents only, before expanding IVS eligibility to other mainland China citizens on September 23.

Junket Restoration Efforts

Another factor that Macau's economy is starved for is the VIP junkets they relied upon before the Covid disruptions. It look as if a program is in place to re-stimulate that economic component as well.

As for further adaptations, Ms. Fernandes asserted that her office intends to continue to work closely with China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the issue of package group tours to Macau, to end the suspensions of said tours currently in place.


It is refreshing to see any kind of Road Map to recovery for Macau, the region who Covid sufferings have been among the industry's most egregious. 



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