New Dress Code Odds

Published October 24, 2005 by OCR Editor

New Dress Code Odds

Bodog, an online gambling site that combines online casino games with sports gambling, has posted odds with regards to the new dress code initiated by NBA commissioner David Stern.

Players will be given the chance to bet on who they think will be the first player to get fined or suspended for violating the new regulations. It is the first online gambling site to offer such odds on the internet. With the NBA season just a week away, fans will now have another thing to look forward to.

With the new dress code being applied starting next week, the site figured it would be a perfect opportunity to provide fans with the opportunity to gamble on something other than the games. Allen Iverson who publicly spoke against the new dress code is given 2 to 5 odds. The fact that he is one of the most likely candidates for being the first player fined or suspended is reflected in the odds, meaning that for every $5 dollar you wager you stand to earn $2 (in case he is the first).

Other obvious choices for violating the new regulations are Ron Artest and Rasheed Wallace. The casino gives Artest 5 to 6 odds, while Wallace gets 3 to 2. Conspicuously missing from the betting line offered are Stephen Jackson and the Tim Duncan, two players who have also openly expressed their dismay from the new dress code. Jackson, who is no stranger to getting suspended and fined by the league, has gone as far as calling the new dress code racist.

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