New from Bwin: World Cup Solitaire

Published May 1, 2010 by OCR Editor

New from Bwin: World Cup Solitaire

Game is a different take on the old but popular card classic.

European gaming giant bwin has launched a new World Cup themed solitaire game just in time for the real thing.

A new version of the card classic solitaire, "World Cup Solitaire" requires players to match cards in pairs so that the total reaches thirteen. Matched pairs are then removed, with the game over when all cards are cleared and no legal moves remain.


The game begins with 28 cards laid out in seven rows on the table in triangle formation. The top row has one card, the second two cards and so on. Only the seven cards in the bottom row are shown at the beginning of the game, while the remaining 24 cards not in the triangle are seen below.

To begin, the top card is flipped over to be revealed and moved to the play pile. Players can then begin clicking on pairs of cards to reach the target total of thirteen.

Players score points for each card successfully removed from the table. The amount of points is dependent on the initial position of the card, with the card at the top being the most valuable.

World Cup Solitaire can be found in the skill games section on bwin's gaming website.

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