New Gaming Solutions - Obsolete Problems

Published July 3, 2007 by OCR Editor

New Gaming Solutions - Obsolete Problems

eNation Corporation has released a new data center in a box that will be able to facilitate high traffic data for online casinos, with mobility that is unprecedented and design that is cutting edge - a must see for all gamblers who expect only the best.

A new portable high density data center has been released for purchase by eNation Corporation. Designed to accommodate high performance computing infrastructures such as well-trafficked online gaming organizations, eNation's data center will facilitate mobile online communications in limited space and accessibility. As eNation calls it, it will be a "data center in a box".

Two different data centers have been produced, each designed to incorporate all the aspects of a full time operating online casino or devoted internet gaming website. Conduction of business on a 24/7 schedule basis requires particular attention, and the consideration of various needs such as emergency back up recovery and overflow, state of the art security, optimal connection speed (highly important for online gamblers) and 100% up time.

The smaller of the two data centers produced is a 160 square feet eight rack data center, contained to a 20 foot box. What would usually occupy 800 square feet will deliver enough power to support up to 200 kilowatts of equipment mounted on seven different racks, and infrastructure on an eighth. The data centers are also able to operate cooling and heat diffusion functions for rack mounted equipment, by using internal configuration. The larger of the two data centers is designed to accommodate extremely demanding hosting infrastructures, by means of 20 high density racks. The size has been dramatically reduced from an originally required 2000 square feet of empty space.

eNation, otherwise known as the "Global Electronic Nation", are highly reputable experts in the data management field of the online gambling industry. Their newly released high density data centers are able to power even a network of online casinos. eNation are also respected for their company building skills for many online gaming operations and websites, from early licensing phases to e-payment processing and customer acquisition. Their new "data center in a box" is expected to become the most esteemed performance computing station, and its unprecedented portability will take online gambling sites and industry members to new and exciting heights.

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