New Jersey at the Forefront of Sports Betting and Online Gambling

Elana K. - May 24, 2018

Governor Chris Christie's case is what lead the Supreme Court to overturn PASPA and allow states to offer sports betting; at the same time, New Jersey online gambling is having a great year.

Last week, the US Supreme Court overturned a 1992 act called PASPA, and in doing so, has allowed states across America to offer legalized sports betting within their borders. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had been fighting for years for New Jersey’s right to offer sports betting, but kept getting sued and blocked by national sports leagues and the NCAA.

Now, even though the Supreme Court ruled in his favor, the NFL still cannot stay quiet. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appealed to Congress to implement federal regulations that states must adhere to if they allow sports betting. He outlined 4 requirements that states should be able to fulfill: Significant consumer protection, protected sports league content, fan access to reliable data, and monitoring powers for law enforcement to protect fans.

While these principles are lofty in theory, the subtext reads that the NFL would like to charge users for viewing its content; in other words, now that a million-dollar industry is about to launch, the NFL wants a piece of the action.

But given that SCOTUS overturned PASPA due to its unconstitutionality - the trampling of states’ rights - it doesn’t seem like the federal government will be jumping in to get involved in sports betting regulations so quickly.

New Jersey Online Gambling Going Strong

While April 2018 revenue saw about a $2.5 million decrease in its revenue when compared to March, it’s still the second-highest grossing month in the history of online gambling in New Jersey, bringing in approximately $23 million. The highest grossing month was March, bringing in $25.6 million.

And though New Jersey has been enjoying record-highs this year, hopes are even higher for this month as shared online poker liquidity began as of May 1. And once sports betting takes off, it could lend a further boost to NJ's thriving industry.

In other words, New Jersey’s online gambling is going strong, and it seems like it's just the beginning.

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