New Ladbrokes Adverts Focus on Player Personalities

Published May 15, 2014 by OCR Editor

Ladbrokes' newest advert celebrates "The Ladbrokes Life," and draws viewers in with its unique and interesting portrayal of five different types of Ladbrokes players.

British television viewers may have found themselves pleasantly surprised by the new Ladbrokes commercials, which have been airing for about two weeks. These new commercials celebrate "The Ladbrokes Life," and they replace Ladbrokes well-known "Tiziano" advertisements. 

The Ladbrokes Life

The Ladbrokes Life Campaign celebrates different types of players and their betting characteristics. The five characters shown in the adverts each display a different quality as well as a different type of betting behavior. 

The Characters

The Professor symbolizes knowledge. When he bets, he leaves virtually nothing to chance, and is certainly not a risk-taker.

The Gut Truster, on the other hand, relies heavily on his intuition, and places bets accordingly.

Mr. Brightside plays games for fun, which can sometimes result in big wins, and big losses.

Generous John enjoys sharing his winnings with his friends, and his friends obviously don't object!

The Believer is the ultimate optimist, and he tends to place bets against all odds, hoping against hope that his belief will pay off.

Appearance of Ads

The campaign launched on April 26, 2014, with a 60 second film that ran across sports broadcasts on Sky and ITV. Over the course of the year, there will be an additional five 30-second adverts that will focus on each individual character. 

Andy May, Brand, Research & Retail Marketing Director at Ladbrokes commented, "Our challenge was to rise above the general noise in the market and BBH have developed a strong campaign that we believe will appeal to customers and encourage them to download our mobile app. We are delivering dramatic improvements in the products and services we offer our customers, and we felt it was time to make a real statement and say to customers that Ladbrokes understands you, knows what you like and how you bet."

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