New Slot Game Release Tomorrow

Published July 14, 2011 by OCR Editor

New Slot Game Release Tomorrow

Get your cash back with Mr. Cashback - at Class 1 Casino.

Though rumors of its release have surfaced back in April, we are the first online casino news source to announce the release of Mr. Cashback on Class 1 Casino tomorrow.

The much anticipated slot game will launch on Class 1 casino on Friday, July 15.

Money Back Guarantee

The new Playtech slot game features the always generous Mr. Cashback. Furthermore, it is a new concept of slots and casino games in general, in which players win back money for lines that did not win.

If a payline does not win 50 times straight, the player is awarded 50 times this line bet - you get your money back! When a line is not active its cash back status is saved, which is also true when exiting the game. It will automatically restore when you reactivate the payline or enter the game again.

This is an industry first, as money back guarantees for slots lines not won is unique. It will probably cause a stir between players and at casinos featuring the game.

First Look

Game of the Year?

Not yet released, Mr. Cash Back is already in the running for slots game of the year. Mr. Cashback features a maximum of 15 active paylines, designed as 3x5 reels.

What else does it feature, other than the successful money back guarantee feature, that makes it a candidate? We will have to wait until tomorrow to see.

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