New Study out of Canada Cites Big Data as a Key Advantage for Player Engagement Analytics

Published February 7, 2020 by Lee R

New Study out of Canada Cites Big Data as a Key Advantage for Player Engagement Analytics

A Canada study finds the iGaming market is positioned like no other to gather data for future player engagement.

Online gambling is reaching the astronomical level of $20 billion a year in turnover per annum.

Leading Market Growth

When one considers that the internet barely existed twenty years, ago, this represents incredible growth from scratch for any business.

That growth also requires large scale management and efficient foresight, complete with the most optimized and effective data gathering tools about player preferences and profiles of the future.

New Attitudes Toward Technology

As the novelty of iGaming wears off to become the norm, a Canada study finds the next generation of iGamers will become accustomed to expecting services through a single swipe, and is adapting its iGaming planning accordingly.

Big Data's Impact

SAS Canada cites the use of big data to gather the necessary insights to drive the popularity of iGaming, with the goal of using today's big data analytics to “go beyond business intelligence and reporting to include prediction, forecasting and optimization.”

Built-in Data

The modality of the online registration provides a data advantage because of the player preference and characteristic data collected about them before they start playing, as a “built-in” data collection technique for vital statistics such as gender, age, location and more.

Key Analytics

The play behavior of each individual also contributes to rapid big data collection and profiling, from characteristics the study cites in online usage such as games played, what happened in the game, and win/loss ratios.

Behavior Plus Sign-up Data

These real time figures can be combined with what is already known about players at sign-up to provide in-depth profiles that positions the operator to use real-time information to position themselves to maximize their chances for engagement by “delivering the right offer at the right time to the right person.”

The iGaming Advantage

While this may seem self-evident to insiders, these components represent a superior set of resources and an enhanced business model for the rest of the world, and others who might be looking to enter the industry.

Further Analytical Yields

The collection of this data can lead to more advanced analytics in the near future for iGaming operators including Supplier/Game Analytics which serve back to inform classic marketing enhancements including cross sell and upsell capabilities, and segmentation adaptation.


Big data becomes the new reserve from which to draw effective player forecasts to maximize engagement and give the iGaming industry a leg up on other industries when it comes to data collection, which is a huge selling point for new entry and increasing competition which will only serve to drive market growth that much more effectively and with greater strength.

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