New TV Series Targets Online Players

Published November 27, 2005 by OCR Editor

New TV Series Targets Online Players

A new show entitled The Small Town Poker Tour is definitely a television program that is directed at online casino players. This is not the first TV show to focus on poker and other games but it has a unique that make it stand out from the others.

Previous TV shows geared towards gamblers have focused on the glamour and glitz of high stakes Las Vegas tournaments and Celebrity Poker. But this new show has a different concept and will certainly appeal to all levels of players who enjoy gambling online. The concept of the show is to travel across America in search of the top amateur poker player in the country.

Poker has easily become the most popular game and due to a high level of media attention and television exposure, poker has become increasingly hot at the online casino and on the internet in general. So much so that there are entire sites dedicated to poker alone. Texas Hold'em is just one variation of poker that has gained extra interest among players over the past several years. So it came as no surprise when a new show about amateur Texas Hold'em poker players in America was developed.

Mark Fracalossi, the CEO of AMT Media commented recently about this new and exciting poker production geared towards online casino lovers: "We will ensure that the game component of the Small Town Poker Tour is of the highest caliber. As the preeminent Poker Tournament Director in the World, Matt Savage knows how poker should be played. They also have access to some of the world's top players who will also advise on the poker tour."

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