NEXT BLOCK Sofia 2.0 Contributes Mightily to the Ushering in of the Blockchain Era

Published April 30, 2019 by Lee R

NEXT BLOCK Sofia 2.0 Contributes Mightily to the Ushering in of the Blockchain Era

Sofia proved to the world that blockchain is working, and all who attended NEXT BLOCK Sofia got a leg up on the incoming revolution.

Sofia has successfully concluded a vital blockchain event linking the blockchain community further in the inevitable evolution forward to worldwide adaptation.

The Event

NEXT BLOCK Conference Sofia 2.0 took place on April 12th, 2019, at Rainbow Plaza Sofia. Krypton events hosted the event, this year entitled "The Future of Securities and Blockchain Technology.”

In Attendance

Gathering over 200 participants from Bulgaria plus 15 other countries, NEXT BLOCK SOFIA hosted top-tier experts, investors, opinion leaders and promising startups.

Hacking Through Startup

A key speech came from Giacomo Arcaro, Europe's leading ICO Growth Hacker, ICO STO Advisor, and Black Marketing Guru Founder entitled “Growth Hacking: How to get Millions for your Startup.”

Stable Coin Stability

TheBitcoinMan at Broctagon FinTech Group Herbert Rafael Sim offered a session called “Are Stablecoins Key to Crypto Adoption?”

Today's Conventional Challenge

Sim identified the problem that "legacy asset trading tools create a user experience that is rife with inefficiencies - single-asset wallets, significant capital lock-up, and generally cumbersome asset management processes. And when it comes to cryptocurrency, these problems are magnified in the current state of trading platforms.”

Sim's Blockchain Brokerage Solution

Sim's solution is to disrupt the brokerage space “through liquidity aggregation technology that allows simpler reconciliation with compliance tools, increased transactional throughput, and overall improvement in efficiency in end-to-end processes."

Other Expert Insights

Other leading blockchain experts on hand to empower experts at NEXT BLOCK included Ledgertech AG CEO and Founder Eran Tirer; Paysafe Engineering Manager Yasen Yankov; FGC Group Co-Founder Tony Evans; Founder and TechGDPR Managing Partner and DPO Silvan Jongerius; Mazee Founder and CEO Marco Calicchia; FDCTech, Inc Co-founder and CEO Mitchell Eaglstein; Spacebit Founder and BlockVerify CEO Pavlo Tanasyuk; and 2gether CEO Ramón Ferraz among others.

Tokens Are Normal

The proceedings concluded in agreement that tokens are maturing into the next wave of regulated securities; and tokens risks and benefits similar to bond and equity markets in the latter half of the 20th century; and utility tokens are still successful and have proven to possess a model for growth.

Bright Conclusion

The event was punctuated by NEXT BLOCK's lavish Blockchain party Networking Sofia: Premium Coworking Spaces, where guests enjoyed boutique drinks and high end buffet to fuel an unforgettable networking atmosphere that once again reminded the world that blockchain is sustainable, efficient, and here to stay!

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