NFL Preseason: Final Games, Final Odds

Published August 29, 2019 by Sol FH

NFL Preseason: Final Games, Final Odds

The last 16 games of the NFL Preseason kick-off tonight at 00:00 GMT and you've got one last chance to get in on the odds.

The final week of the NFL Preseason is set to kick-off tonight, with 16 games across the league. We have seen some incredible football in preparation for the 2019/20 regular season, with some teams bringing the heat in early this year. There are eight teams that have gone 3-0 so far - in the AFC East the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots; in the AFC North the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers; AFC West the Oakland Raiders; NFC East the New York Giants; NFC North the Minnesota Vikings; NFC West the San Francisco 49ers. 

00:00 GMT Kick-off

Bengals vs. Colts

Both teams are on the losing end of the preseason stick with the Bengals at 1-2 and the Colts at 0-3. Making matters a lot worse for the Colts is their loss of QB Andrew Luck, who sent shockwaves through the league and the media by announcing his retirement at the age of 29. Will Jacoby Brissett be able to take over the offense? It should be a decent game but don't expect much from either team this year. 

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Bengals 1.64 Colts 2.35

Jets vs. Eagles

The 1-2 Jets take on the 1-2 Eagles in a cross-conference match-up that should have a lot of fans on their feet. The Jets have a lot of buzz behind them with their new QB Sam Darnold. Their offense has that spark that is needed to get things going. The Eagles have fallen off somewhat, but, they could be a team you don't want to sleep on this year. 

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Jets 1.52 Eagles 2.67

Jaguars vs. Falcons

Neither team has won a contest in this years' preseason. The Falcons are the only team in the league to go 0-4, while the Jaguars are at 0-3. A disaster year set for both sides this season if they cannot get it together and quickly.

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Jaguars 1.50 Falcons 2.70

Bills vs. Vikings

Say what you will about the Vikings and QBs Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook. They are winning games and scoring points, and with a defense, as the Vikings have, they should be a playoff threat this season. The Bills are also making meaningful drives to the endzone. Both teams are 3-0 so tonight should be an excellent game to watch.

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Vikings 1.66 Bills 2.30

Panthers vs. Steelers

This is all Pittsburgh, as the Steelers look to be in excellent form. The Panthers come in at 1-2 and are rebuilding a lot of their key positions. Expect the Steelers to leave this game with a 4-0 record in their pocket. 

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Steelers 1.50 Panthers 2.70

00:30 GMT Kick-off

Redskins vs. Ravens

The final preseason game for the Redskins will be the first start for rookie QB Dwayne Haskins, as Case Keenum will not play. The Skins also have a big issue at Wide Receiver with 11 potential guys to do the job and only seven spots. As Washington continues to build, the Ravens are winning games. They have 81-points for, and, 28-points against with their 3-0 record. 

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Ravens 1.40 Redskins 3.10

Browns vs. Lions

The Browns finally look decent, but, they need to turn it up a notch tonight, as the Lions will be hungry for at least one preseason win. Don't expect the playoffs for either team this year.

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Browns 1.44 Lions 2.85

Patriots vs. Giants

The game that everyone wants to see. Both 3-0, both exciting, only one can win! Don't miss this game!

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Patriots 1.64 Giants 2.35

1:00 GMT

Packers vs. Chiefs

Green Bay has been playing some sloppy football and fans are ready for the regular season, as they usually shine. Still a strong team, but, the Chiefs could be a sleeper with Mahomes on deck. 

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Packers 1.71 Chiefs 2.20

Texans vs. Rams

The Rams were on the losing end of last years' SuperBowl, only managing to score a field goal in the loss. Both teams are at 1-2, but they do look promising for the regular season. 

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Texans 1.66 Rams 2.30

Bears vs. Titans

Again, another two teams with potential, but we haven't seen anything to call home about yet. 

bet365 Sports Outright Odds Bears 1.68 Titans 2.25

Additional Games - Cowboys vs. Buccaneers, Saints vs. Dolphins, Broncos vs. Cardinals, Seahawks vs. Raiders, and, the 49ers vs. the Chargers. 

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