NFL Preseason Roundup: A Glimpse into the Regular Season

Published August 20, 2018 by Sol FH

NFL Preseason Roundup: A Glimpse into the Regular Season

The NFL is back, and the action is getting better by the week. Take a look at the teams making a name for themselves in preseason action.

If you didn't already know, the National Football League is back and moving towards the end of the preseason. The regular season begins on September 7th, with a massive game between the reigning Super Champion Philadelphia Eagles against the Atlanta Falcons. Until then, we have another two weeks of preseason action and if you didn't watch any of the first three weeks of preseason action, try not to miss the rest because it's hot, on and off the field.

We will look at the AFC today.

Preseason Takeaways

As mentioned, we are moving into Week 4 of 5 in the NFL preseason, and there is a lot to say about the start of the new year. One of the biggest things that are being talked about, again, is the National Anthem kneeling issue, which has the US divided.

ESPN has stopped airing the National Anthem in response to the controversy and it is actually starting to affect play on the field. Fans that lean to the right politically have actually started booing players that are taking a knee; out of free speech and silent protest against the government. It will be interesting what kind of a role the issue will have throughout the season and we have seen how the far-right can affect the rest of the country. But, let's get down to the nitty-gritty and talk some football. 

AFC East

Who else would you think would be leading the division if other than the New England Patriots. Tom Brady is playing at a midseason level already and it will be tough to stop the Pats' drive for yet another Super Bowl berth this year. New England is 2-2 after beating the Redskins in Week 2 and the Eagles in Week 3. The next Patriots game is this Saturday the 25th of August at 00:30 GMT against the Panthers. Odds ahead of this game provided by bet365 Sports are in favor of the Patriots at 1.85. If Carolina can get the win, it will pay out at 3.50. 

The Bills and the Jets are both 1-1, and the Dolphins are 0-2 to round out the division.

AFC North

This is going to be one of the best divisions to watch this year. We already have two teams at 2-0 in the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals respectively, but the 1-1 Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers look the best they have looked in years and things could get interesting. The Ravens are still the team to beat in the North and their next game is against the Dolphins, which is looking like an easy win if Baltimore keeps its first team in long enough that is. The game is on Sunday the 26th of August at 00:00 GMT. 888 Sport is all over the preseason odds and offering 1.95 for the Ravens and 3.05 for the Dolphins.

AFC South

Another interesting division will be the South, where the Texans (2-0), Colts (1-1), Jaguars (1-1) and the Titans (0-2) live. It has been a tough one to call for a number of years now, but the division is highly inconsistent, either plagued by season-ending injuries (JJ Watt in the past), or players leaving major gaps in the lineups. The Texans do look good until now, even though they haven't scored a ton of points, they are led by their strong defense. It is that same defense that the Texans are hoping that can take them to victory against the LA Rams on Saturday Night (25/08), at 21:00 GMT. Winner Sports likes the Rams in this one, but the odds are quite competitive at 2.55 for the Rams and 2.85 for the Texans. 

It will be an incredible season this year with pre-game and live in play bets available until the Super Bowl. 

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