NFL Week 15: Two Weeks Left in 2017 Regular Season

Published December 11, 2017 by Sol FH

NFL Week 15: Two Weeks Left in 2017 Regular Season

It is coming down to the wire as NFL teams fight for a spot in the post-season. Check out all the Week 15 action this week.

With only two games left for each of the NFL teams this year, this week is incredibly important. The playoff picture is not yet crystal clear, but we do know a lot about which teams we will see in the playoffs. Let's take an in-depth look at the playoff picture prior to this week's games and see what changes after this weekend, and the Monday nighter.

NFC Leaders

Eagles - The Philadelphia Eagles are the NFC East Leaders and boast the best record in the NFL today, tied with the Steelers at 11-2. Last week, the Eagles were beaten by the Seattle Seahawks, but they bounced back on Sunday Night and beat the Rams 43-35 in an incredible display of their offensive abilities. We did see the Rams score a considerable amount of points, and the holes in the Eagles' defense could be a real problem in the post-season. Even still, the Eagles have clinched the division and look like the team to beat in the playoffs. 

Vikings - The leaders of the NFC North, arguably the toughest in the entire league. The Minnesota Vikings overcame the odds this year and have dominated most of their opponents this season to end up at 10-3. The Vikings lost their last game to the to the Panthers, but they have played extremely well this year. They have taken a backup QB in Case Keenum and have made him into a real starter. This week, the Vikings take on the Bengals, and a win will secure the division for them. The Vikings are huge favorites to win this week, as Betfair Sportsbook like them to win at 1.22. The Bengals are way behind at 4.60.

Rams - This is where things really start to get interesting. The Los Angeles Rams are currently in first place in the NFC West, but, they are just one loss away from losing that spot to the Seahawks, whom they play against in Seattle this weekend. This game will be the most crucial for both the Rams and for the Seahawks this season and both teams will be giving it all they have to get the win. At 888sport, the home team Seahawks are the favorites for this big match-up at 1.83, whilst the Rams need to overcome the underdog position at 2.02.

Saints - The leaders of the NFC South, the New Orleans Saints are bringing their A-game this season. Even though they lost some ground in the division, after losing to the Falcons over the weekend, they are still the top-rated team in the NFC South and should be able to handle this week's game against the lowly New York Jets. 

NFC Wildcard - There are currently two teams,


Steelers - The Pittsburgh Steelers won the AFC North, but they will be playing the New England Patriots this weekend. This is one of the most highly anticipated games of the week and it is really anyone's game. The Over/Under odds at 888 Sport could prove to be the most profitable odds.

Patriots - At 10-2, the New England Patriots have all but locked up the AFC East. A game against the Miami Dolphins tonight will be crucial in winning the division, as they play the Steelers again this Sunday after a short week. 

Jaguars - Jacksonville is leading the AFC South at 9-4, and their win against Seattle was a big reason for that. They will need a win this week against the Texans, and 888sport thinks they can do it, with odds of 1.16. The Texans are well behind at 5.75. 

Chiefs - The AFC West leaders, the Kansas City Chiefs are in front of a very weak division. Not much to be expected from them in the playoffs, and losing to the Raiders last week was probably their best game since September. Betfair has the Chiefs as ahead of the LA Chargers this week at 1.80, while the latter comes in at 2.10.

Wildcard - If there are no big surprises this week from the Ravens, Chargers, Raiders, or the Dolphins, the Tennessee Titans, and the Buffalo Bills will play in the Wild Card game. There are still two weeks left for any late entries, but as of today, that is your NFL Playoff Picture.

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