NJ Closures Benefit Sites

Published July 11, 2006 by OCR Editor

NJ Closures Benefit Sites

While Atlantic City land based venues suffered financially from a government shutdown, online gambling sites did a roaring trade. People flocked online in a bid to get in their gambling fun, despite the closure.

Government officials on July 5th temporarily shut down land based casino venues in Atlantic City due to a budget stalemate. Only after New Jersey governor, Jon Corzine signed an executive order three days later, were they finally reopened. While the institutes lost millions of dollars because of the shut down, online websites benefited greatly due to the situation. Gamblers were not simply going to sit back and wait for the casinos to reopen and they made the move online as soon as they understood that they were going to remain closed for longer than 24 hours. The websites reported an increase in traffic for the 3 day stalement period.

The Atlantic City shut down made many gamblers sit up and take note of the many advantages of the website option. The most relevant benefit during this time period, of course, was the fact that they can be accessed 24/7, every day of the week. They are not dependent on opening hours, nor do they shut down because of government budget factors.

Because all places of entertainment were shut down during this time period (including state parks, beaches and historic sites), people naturally turned online for their entertainment. While the land based venues have since opened their doors for trade, many gamblers are sticking to the alternative after they have discovered a whole new fun (and reliable) world of gambling.

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