Obama on McCain: One Last Look

Published November 3, 2008 by OCR Editor

Obama on McCain: One Last Look

The campaign saw Senator Obama highlight Senator McCain's gambling habits.

The $700 billion bailout was set in motion one month ago.

Both parties were intent on repairing the hamstrung economy; both camps also blamed one another for adding to the economic woes. On hearing the news, the Dow fell 778 points; it has fallen even more since.

Obama on McCain
In his criticism - part of the Presidential campaign - Senator Obama was quoted as saying "I read the other day that Senator McCain likes to gamble. He likes to roll those dice." This was a clear reference to McCain's love of gambling - notably craps - and also an allusion to the senator's maverick stance on several issues.

Obama went on to say that the American economy and Main Street - not Wall Street - cannot be led by a man who likes to gamble with their interests. Senator McCain's camp shot back and blamed the Obama camp for using partisan politics during a national emergency.

Only a metaphor?
A new bill is hastily being drafted - one that better satisfies the requirements of opponents in the House. Meanwhile Obama has suggested that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation should increase the limit from $100 000 to a more realistic $250 000 limit - breaking a 28-year ruling that has not been amended. The move is likely to reassure investors, homeowners and Citizen Joes that their money is safe in US banks.

Somehow, gambling fits in there, as a metaphor I suppose.

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