Odds for Presidential Elections

Published November 12, 2006 by OCR Editor

Odds for Presidential Elections

The US midterm election results, in which the Senate, Congress and several state governors were won over by the Democrats, have us all anticipating the upcoming Presidential elections, only two years down the line.

Surely to play a major role in the next round, politicians will not only consult opinion polls when calculating their campaign steps, but also online casinos - the sites that offer odds for who will win the race to the White House in 2008. Gambling websites have already opened the campaign season, even before the candidates themselves are decided!

Opinion polls and focus groups are a main factor in deciding the campaigns of politicians, even to the point of determining what they will say and their general policy. Chasing after what will bring the most votes has been often criticized. Polls, which are in fact odds, are a better cue for the politicians and their advisors. They also tend to be no less exact. When encompassing large enough bettors and sums, they are even more so.

The odds showed that Americans were going to vote Democrat for the Senate, and indeed the turnaround followed. Now the eyes are directed at the odds for the presidential elections. Hillary Clinton is a favorite at this stage, with 5/4 odds at BetUS. John McCain is a 3/1 favorite, and even former vice President Al Gore is featured on the options. A return visit closer to when the elections take place could be a good bet, and an opportunity to bet.

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