Odds Of Trump Impeachment Or Removal Gaining Traction

Published January 11, 2021 by Sol FH

Odds Of Trump Impeachment Or Removal Gaining Traction

After President Donald Trump incites violence and a breach of the US Capitol, Democrats, and Lawmakers calling for impeachment or removal.

Time is running out on the President Trump-era, as Joe Biden and the Democrats ready themselves to take office on January 24. Unless you were under a rock last Wednesday, you probably saw the violence and chaos that engulfed the US Capitol building, which left 5 Americans dead. 

Albeit, Trump finally conceded the 2020 election, commenting that a transition of power will take place in a couple of weeks and the new, Biden/Harris administration will take over. 

After the horrifying events, which some are labeling as treason and domestic terrorism, will Trump last until Biden's inauguration?

The odds of Trump being impeached or removed from office took a sharp downturn, as Democrats, some Republicans, and Lawmakers called for his impeachment. Some cabinet members have called to invoke the 25th amendment and install Vice President Mike Pence as Acting President. A New Zealand-based online prediction market, PredictIt, showed a major drop from $0.90 to $0.74 for Trump to be impeached. The price on his own resignation went from a 30-day low of $0.06, spiking to $0.15 the day after the riots. 

When Trump called for violence, it was enough to throw the "Proud Boys" and other domestic alleged terrorist groups into action. The President ultimately changed his tone and messaging upon realizing just what a major mistake he had made. Several of his cabinet members resigned directly following. Although he said that "some kind" of administration would take over, Trump failed to mention Biden as the President-elect. 

Trump makes one move and the odds will continue to jump. Political odds are a popular vertical for punters and with such an exciting, dramatic, and at times upsetting Presidency, Trump should think about hanging his hat and leaving before more damage is done. His base has become violent and there have been numerous threats to Democrats and Republicans, alike. 

Security will be at an all-time high at Biden's inauguration, but, as was made clear in a video shot, some police waved in rioters so the question of who can be trusted must be asked. 

The odds in this article at the site mentioned above were accurate at the time of writing, January 11, 11:00 GMT.


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