Official iMoney Expo Slated for November 2018 in China

Brett C. - July 28, 2018

The iMoney Expo will be taking place on November 2-3, 2018 at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center in China.

Global banking institutions are facing increasing challenges in terms of the rapid pace of change in technology. Now, banks, FinTech companies and other financial institutions will be convening at a major global symposium – the iMoney Expo in November.

The conference expects 300+ exhibitors, 30 guest speakers from 30 countries, and 25,000 + attendees. This prestigious multinational event will showcase the latest news, FinTech developments, payment solutions, blockchain technology, and more in an effort to bring financial institutions up to speed.

The technological advancements that are evident in international money transfers, payments processing, and blockchain technology have turned conventional methodology on its head. As a case in point, the world’s most populous country - China - now sees increasing numbers of non-urban dwellers using mobile payment solutions. An estimated $12.8 trillion in mobile transactions processing was reported in 2017 (January-October) in China. This figure dwarfs the combined mobile payments in the US and Europe.

The 2018 iMoney Expo will cover multiple topics including banking software, cloud computing technology, accounting software, artificial intelligence, big data, financial inclusion, insurtech, financial research, Investech and many others. Among the keynote speakers will be Brian Kanda , CEO of FloraChain, Christina Yang, Ivan Ciric , Smarter Oliver, and Ian Scarf. The sponsors and exhibitors include a host of companies such as Unicorn Finance, Nordhill Capital, iForex, efir, Treppides and FloraChain,

Featured Events at the iMoney Expo

The iMoney Expo will feature several topics including The Impact and Opportunities of Blockchain, Foreign-Exchange Investment Opportunities, and the Road to Success: Winners Trading Method and Thoughts. Various awards will also be disseminated at the iMoney Expo in 2018 covering major categories such as FinTech of the Year 2018, Innovation in Data Solutions, Innovation in Forex, Outstanding Digital Wallets, and Outstanding Blockchain Technology among others.


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