Online Bingo and Scottish Luck

Published August 28, 2008 by OCR Editor

Online Bingo and Scottish Luck

Everyone knows about the 'Luck of the Irish', but now it seems that the elusive quality of luck may have drifted across the Irish Sea and landed on the shores of Scotland.

Bingo is all about luck. Skill plays no part at all in this game. In fact, of all the gambling and casino games, bingo is the most 'luck-based' game of all, on a par with the lotteries such as Lotto and Keno.

As to the physical location of luck, it can happen anywhere. It has nothing to do with the earth's position in the Universe or the angle between the moon and the sun on any particular day.

But for all that, it now seems that the best and luckiest place to play bingo is in Scotland. So if you are determined to make a little money playing bingo, head for Scotland.

This is no idle observation based on the results of a solitary bingo session. This is the second year running that Glasgow, Scotland has captured the title "The Luckiest Spot to Play Bingo." The label was conferred after The Mecca Bingo Club in Forge, Glasgow chalked up sixteen national Bingo wins, a huge figure for a single venue.

But there is more. The Mecca Stockton Wharf, also in Scotland, ran second in the polling with thirteen national bingo game wins.

Online bingo rules
Bingo is a hugely popular game, especially in Britain. The bingo parlors are humming places full of action. Online bingo is soaring in popularity and the number of online bingo gambling websites is increasing steadily.

The older bingo websites are taking a hint from the online casinos and upgrading, adding promotions and treating bingo as a serious gambling sport.

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