2010's Biggest Bingo Trends

Published June 2, 2010 by OCR Editor

2010's Biggest Bingo Trends

What's the latest bingo buzz?

Everyone knows that online bingo is a recession-busting phenomenon but this is one game that never stands still. We decided to take a look at the latest online bingo trends to see what the latest buzz is on the bingo scene.

Maybe it's because there are an overwhelming number of ladies loving the online bingo experience but the latest trend in online bingo is all about accessories! No we don't mean bingo bags or shoes – online accessorization is all about personalizing everything from your dauber to nabbing your very own bingo ball. Check out how bingo buffs the world over are truly making the game their own.

Personalize Your Dauber

Just as the land based bingo experience includes fun and colorful bingo daubers, so the online bingo community have their own choice of daubers to select from.

Online bingo halls such as Ruby Bingo offer dauber customization. Many online bingo sites let you go to town and really make your mark on your marker; choose your own design, color, shape and style. Some sites really go to town with the range of themes available, offering Elvis, top hat and flag themes.

Once customized you're not stuck with the same look – change your bingo dauber to suit your mood. Those who get carried away with all the side games and chat can even choose to ditch their dauber altogether and select the auto-daub feature so that they never miss a call.

Customized Caller

Nothing can spoil the bingo experience like an annoying caller. That's why wise online bingo halls give their customers choice here too. Many better bingo let players select between a male and female voice or even the accent and style of their bingo caller.

Stylish Bingo Cards

Many online bingo halls are now allowing players to choose the color scheme and pattern of their bingo cards. It's fun to match the style of bingo card to the current vibe and it really jazzes up a game of bingo – sure beats staring at a boring black and white grid.

Your Very Own Ball

Those loving to personalize their bingo game will likely enjoy the feeling of 'owning' their very own number! Giggle Bingo offer players the ability to personalize a particular ball and for it to be their very own 'special number' that bags them an extra bonus if they bingo on it.

Playing bingo online is great fun and these personalization options are proving a real hit on the online bingo scene.

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